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One Year After Prostate Cancer (Radiation) Treatment

This blog is to give my blog followers an update of my experience after undergoing Prostate Cancer Treatment.  As you will note, although I am doing fine now, the process hasn't" been easy.

I had 44 treatments of Radiation Therapy and I didn't notice any measurable difference in my feelings until after about 36 weeks of the treatment.

At that point I began to notice that I had a problem containing my urine.  Several times during the day I would feel a dampness in my underwear (shorts).  This would occur without me having any fore warning that I needed to urinate.  This incontinent condition led to myself wearing Depends.

Also at that time I noticed that my Bowels became very soft and loose.  I couldn't tell the difference between passing gas and having to defecate.  In other words when I felt that I had to pass gas, it might have been gas or it could have been almost liquid fecal material.  Often times  I had to change underwear during the day or pajamas at night.  I …

My Hiatal Hernia Discovery

Sometimes things are happening inside our bodies and we wonder why.  So it was with me in discovering that I had a hiatal hernia.

I am an avid exerciser, exercising 4 to 5 days a week since the early 1980s.  Things were going well until about a year ago.  One of the things happening, among others, was a buildup of pressure in my chest when climbing the stairs in my home.  I'm talking about walking up 17 steps to the 2nd floor in my home.  At times there was also a slight pain in my left side chest muscle.

This was occurring even though I was walking and jogging on a YMCA treadmill at least 30 minutes every day.  Because of feedback from my doctor, I was thinking that I was in super physical shape.  Now I am beginning to think that I may have a heart problem.

After having this feeling 2 to 3 times a month, I decided to have this condition checked out.  The last time it happened I had my wife drive me to the hospital emergency room.  They kept me for 3 days and ran every test, I bel…