My TURP (Roto Rooter) Experience

TURP stands for Transurethral Resection of The Prostate which can relieve several problems that are caused by an over sized prostate gland.  I had an over sized prostate gland that made life miserable for me.

I first noticed one of the symptoms when my urine flow became slower and more of a dribble than a stream.  This resulted in many more trips to the rest room for relief.  Soon afterwards I began to have urinary tract infections(uti).  I didn't know why I was having so many of them.  After some research and discussions with my Urologist, I discovered that I was not emptying my bladder.  The stale urine that was left was probably the cause.

My Urologist then prescribed a drug called tamsulosin (flomax).  This drug treats the urine flow problem by opening the urinary tract for better passage of urine.  This allows emptying of the bladder upon urination decreasing the uti problem.  The drug does nothing to treat the cause of the problem, which is an enlarged prostate.  The prostate will continue to grow.

In my case the prostate continued to grow to the extent that the growing prostate completely cut off the urine flow.  More uti problems would occur and I would be given antibiotics  Things would clear up but would reoccur within the following month.  During that time I would wake up at night and could not urinate.  My wife would have to rush me to the Emergency Room where a catheter was inserted.

At that point my Urologist recommended the TURP procedure.  It was a simple procedure done as I was under anesthesia and with a laser.  The plan was for me to be in the hospital for no more than a day or until the urine was clear of blood.  That ended up being 3 days.  Two weeks after being released my urine flow slowed and stopped again.  I was back at the Emergency Room for another catheter.  What had happened is that tissue that was excised by the laser had blocked the urinary tract.

Another TURP had to be done but not with the laser.  All the old tissue was cleaned out and the urinary tract was cleared.  Things have been good since.  Urine flow is strong and getting up at night only once.

Since that time I have made things better by taking my doctor's advice and losing about 10 pounds.  I am using a product called Red Tea, it is also a detoxing agent.  Try it here. I truly believe that you will like it.


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