How Seniors Live With Back Pain

Back pain is a condition that most of us live with everyday of our lives.  It becomes more prevalent as we grow older, as wear and tear plays a big part in many senior's back problems.

How My Back Problems Began

I began to have back problems when I was 30 years of age.  At that time I had started a new job where most of my co-workers played golf.  I decided that I would play also and began to take golf lessons.  I lived about 5 minutes from a local golf course and would go there for practice every evening after work.

After about 2 weeks at this routine my back began to hurt.  Even though the pain was severe I continued to practice.  It was so severe that I couldn't stoop to remove the golf ball from the putting cup.  I purchased an attachment to the putter handle that would allow me to remove the ball from the cup without stooping.

After about 2 months the pain was so severe that I couldn't stand up straight.  My wife took me to a Hospital Emergency Rooms where X-Rays showed that I not only had a protruding disc but also something called spinal stenosis.  I was doing stretching exercises but that didn't seem to do any good.

My Back Pain Remedies

After consulting with a doctor I decided to have his recommended operation called Chemo Papain.  According to the doctor, this procedure was getting tremendous results.  It consisted of injecting an enzyme of papaya into the protruding disc. This would reduce the protrusion that was pressuring nerves that was causing the pain.  The pain would then be relieved.

This procedure worked for about 2 weeks and as I began to swing a golf club again, the pain returned.  Soon after, in speaking with another doctor, I found that they had stopped performing this procedure.  It could have caused more problems including death.

I continued to look, this time, for natural and other treatments.  I started treatments with a chiropractor.  Even though it was suppose to be helping me, I felt that with the severe manipulation of my spine, my pain was worst after the treatment.  I stopped chiropractic care.

I also tried accupuncture and the doctor's use of a moxa stick.  This did very little to relieve the pain.
I am still playing golf with my co-workers.

This all occurred about 50 years ago and at 78 years of age my back is in better shape than at any time since starting my golf lessons.

My spinal stenosis is still there and my posture is tilted because of the s shape of my spine, but there is no pain, which I am so thankful for.  Back pain will reduce your quality of life.

My Natural Recommendations for Back Pain Relief

In my home I have a device that lets me hang upside down.  This has helped me to significantly strengthen my core muscles.  I exercise regularly (at least 3 times a week) with emphasis on stretching.  My body is much more flexible than ever and I feel stronger.

I never stoop from the waist to pick up anything.  I squat, keeping my upper body straight and use my legs to lift and return to the straight up position.

I use a flat or therapeutic pillow on my bed.  In a hotel I do not use a pillow at all.  A full pillow puts extra strain on the back muscles during sleep and you may wake up with back pain.

My advice would be to use cold compresses or ice packs if you have back pain, initially, not heat.  This may relieve your pain.

Yoga is also a good stretching exercise that will surely help.

What I Should Have Done

I have found that as I have gotten older a consistent back maintenance program will help you to become stronger and more flexible.

As I look back at my experience I certainly should have tried the natural way of relieving may back pain.  I should have stayed away from the golf course longer to have a better chance of healing.

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