Why Balance is a Problem With Seniors

You may have wondered, as an older person, why can't I maintain my balance when walking. There are many people like you. They wonder but have not put forth the effort to get better.

You see people everyday taking mini steps are walking with a cane. They are looking for a wall or counter for support to prevent falling. Improvement could occur in many of these cases if the desire was there.

If you are wondering about this, you have the desire to improve your situation. It will take effort through therapy or exercise to get where you want to be.

You may need a recommendation from a medical person to be sure that you are not over-doing your therapy.

Disruption of balance be because of the following:

2. Arthritis that causes leg pain.

3. Medications that may cause dizziness.

4. Multiple Sclerosis

5. Parkinson's Diseases that uncontrollable causes shaking.

6. Essential Tremors that causes uncontrollable shaking.

7. Low and High Blood Pressure that may cause dizziness.

8. Certain Infections that may cause dizziness.

9. Stress that may cause dizziness.

Having a balance problem is very serious for older adults. There is an increased risk of falling and breaking bones.

This problem is exacerbated because loss of bone is usually a problem in sedentary seniors, which makes it easier for them to break.

Broken bones, especially in the hips, is very hard to recover from. In fact many seniors never recover from this.

Did you know that each year 1 in 3 adults 65 and over fall. This is according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention(CDC).

Also that more than 90% of serious hip injuries for seniors comes from falls.

The bottom line is if you have a balance problem, do everything that you can to correct it.

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