Weight Training Gives Seniors A Youthful Appearance

Preferred Weight Training

Weight training gives seniors a youthful appearance, is a general statement that is supported by mostly all recognized fitness trainers.

Personally, I don't think that one ever gets to old for weight training.  As long as you are working with weights that you can control, there is a very low risk of injury.  Preventing injury is the primary reasons that older adults shy away from weights.

As I have stated before I prefer a weight program that emphasizes lighter weights and more repetitions.  In fact whatever weight that is being used, repetitions should continue until failure (losing control of the weights).  This way of exercising continues to force blood into the targeted muscles.  Blood vessels and targeted muscle sizes are increased.

If recovery time between sets is at 60 seconds are less this becomes cardio as well as resistance training.  You should do 3 sets of 4 to 5 different exercises.  This will shorten your workout session to 45 minutes are less and it will be very taxing.

This is the fastest muscle building routine.

Other Weight Training

There are other weight training routines that are also very good.  When I am unable to get to the gymnasium, I like using my body weight as resistance.  I have practiced this routine since high school.  Weight training was not as popular as it is today.

This routine is still popular and also works very well.  3 sets of push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups, squats and bicycle rows were the main exercises and if 3 sessions per week is done progress will soon show.

Isometric Training

I remember one adult male that advertised weight training,  in my day.  His ads were always at the back of comic books.  Fill out the form, mail it in and get his workout routine.  It consisted mostly of several isometric exercises that gained a good level of popularity in those days. You may remember his name was advertised as Charles Atlas.  We all marveled at how strong he looked.

Exercise Devices

I also use one of the best exercise devices, that is a great upper body strength and muscle builder.  It has become very popular and is very effective.  It is the Perfect Ab Carver.  It puts a lot of stress on the chest, triceps, shoulders, back and ab muscles.

All these exercise routines will build a stronger, muscular youthful looking body that will make you and your significant other very proud of you.  Plus it reduces the risk of simple injury, that happens to many of us older adults because of muscle weakness.

Get Started Now

If you don't have an exercise routine as an older adult, it is difficult for you as a senior to start.  You must have a strong commitment to do so, because, at the beginning you will be sore and tired.

I would certainly recommend a fitness trainer if you plan to work with weights.  Proper technique with them will prevent injury.



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