Older Adults Can Stay In The Game

What I mean by staying in the game as an older adult is being abreast with what's going on around you on a daily basis.

Its easy to say that's a young man's thing.  I'm to old for that.  In my mind that is a give up attitude that is not good for your health.

I have always believed that a person does what he/she wants to do.  Even if your spouse disapproves, if a strong desire is there, you will find a way to do it.  That is the kind of attitude that leads to success in life.

When you retire, one way to stay in the game is to remain in contact with friends from your employment.  They will keep you in tune with what's going on in that work environment.  They may also invite you for festive events that occur in and out of the office.

My favorite way of staying in the game is to stay in contact with my kids and grand kids.  In that way I understand the way they talk and I speak their language when talking to them.  I'm more in tune with how they think and more able to predict what they might do.  I know that this keeps us much closer as they call me prior to making many decisions.

In addition to that I have also copied some of their dressing habits.  For instance I wear caps with the bib turned backwards.  My shirts are seldom, if ever, inside my pants anymore.  I even sport a bald head and I think it makes me look at least 20 years younger.  I'm now learning some of their dance moves and once perfected will use them on the dance floor.

These things keep me in touch with them and makes all of us happy.  This shows that our love for each other is not based on what I can financially do for them.

One thing that I can't do is to wear my pants below my hips, showing my underwear.  My kids and grand kids don't do this and I am happy about that.

I have also found a love for writing blogs about my beliefs and experiences.  Frequently I respond to comments from others.  Some comments agree with me and some don't.  That's ok as I am continuing to learn.  I am not to old, at 78 years, to change my opinions or beliefs.

I understand that living this kind of active life is not for everyone but it is right for me.  Even if your physical condition limits you, your way of thinking is not limited.  I've read several great thinkers who have said you are what you think you are.  Your mind is what controls you.

You don't have to think that this is the way that older people act, so I have to act that way also.  Think being active and you'll be happier for it.

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