Fitness is a Must for Seniors


Functional fitness should be the goal of every senior citizen.  Without it normal many everyday activities you would not be able to perform.  It is not hard to attain/maintain this level of fitness.  It does require periodic training.

What is Functional Fitness

Functional fitness is being able to perform everyday activities and chores that you normally did when you were younger.  Playing with the grand kids, taking out the trash, loading and unloading groceries from your vehicle.  These are all things that you are able to do if you are functionally fit.

If you are otherwise healthy you should be able to perform these with no problem  Of course if you are ill or have some debillitating condition, it may prevent your performance.

Think of yourself as a senior citizen or where you would be 20 years from now.  What would you want your physical condition to be like?

Lets face it the aging process is not kind and will sap our bodies of stamina and vitality.  If this is allowed to happen you will not be able to enjoy special moments or perform necessary chores.  Plus we end up spending so much money on our health, there is not enough left to do other things we want to do.

The Shocking Statistic

The Journal of Internal Medicine looked at data from more than 3,000 people covered by Medicare in the 2,002 to 2,008 period.  They wanted to guage the impact of healthcare cost on seniors.  The data measured how much medicare-eligible seniors had spent out of pocket on healthcare during the last 5 years of their life.  Also how those costs weighed on household income.

The report showed that during that time period more than 75 percent of medicare eligible households spent at least $10,000 out of pocket on healthcare.  For the remaining 25 percent the average expense was even greater.  They spent a whopping $101,791 out of pocket.

A lot of these expenses could have been avoided had seniors been functionally fit.

How Do We Remedy This 

You need a strategic exercise plan.  This is not something that have you going to a gym and lifting heavy weights.  I understand this is not for everybody.  This is a plan that recognizes that you haven't been exercising to keep your strength up, over the last few years.  It will make simple duties like gardening and picking paper off the floor much easier.

Another one of the ravages of aging is the loss of energy.  This plan will remedy that problem along with building additional strength.

Functional Fitness Solution

This is the plan that has the answers and more it will:

   1.  Increase your confidence so that you will not be afraid to perform all the chores and activities.

   2.  Dramatically improve your stamina and endurance.

   3.  Discover renewed energy that recaptures your youthfulness.

   4.  Reduce or Eliminate Discomfort so that you can get on the floor and play with the grand kids.


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