How I Beat Prostate Cancer


Prostate Cancer is a very serious disease that you must take through a process before it is cured.  Although the tendency of the body is to fight any disease and cure itself.  In most cases the body is not strong enough and will need help to cure this condition.  In my case I found that my body needed this help.

Events Leading To Cancer Discovery  

At 50 years of age I started seeing a Urologist.  This was an older doctor who favored doing a prostate massage.  The massage was painful as the doctor had long fingers and he exerted tremendous pressure on the prostate.  My urine flow was a lot better after the massages.

 During this process he discovered that I had a small nodule in my prostate.  Checking things out further, he ordered a prostate specific antigen (psa) test.  The results showed the a number of 2.8.  This, according to the doctor, was not in the danger zone.

The psa remained in the 3 to 3.5 range over the next few years.  As it got closer to 3.5 he ordered a prostate biopsy.  The results was negative and of course, I was relieved.  I must admit that the idea that I might be close to having prostate cancer was very frightening.  This thing weighed very heavily on my mind and I had to do something to relieve it.  The biopsy was not to my liking as it was also painful.

Shortly after getting this good news I was going through my emails and found an advertisement for Transendental Meditation Classes.  I called the teacher and was accepted into the class.  The classes lasted about 2 hrs per day on the 3 different days, all on weekends.  This was in 2005 and I have been continually practicing these sessions, 1 or 2 times per day since.

I give a lot of credit to this training for being the kind of laid back person, that I am today.  Prior to this training I was very hyper and responsive.  If you didn't have time to worry about something, just tell me and I would worry for you.  I've changed.  Its amazing how much more you get out of a conversation, if you slow down and listen,  Meditation is what led me to better control my mind and not worry so much about the potential of prostate cancer.

Discovery Of Prostate Cancer

In 2008 my psa had gone up to 7.0.  I had changed doctors and he recommended another biopsy.  I was not pleased because of my previous experience with it.  I remembered the pain of clipping samples from the prostate, blood in the urine, bloody underwear for about a week.  Nevertheless we went through with it and prostate cancer was discovered.

The doctor prescribed several other test to insure that the cancer was localized in the prostate.  After getting that assurance, we sat down for a long talk.  I had done a lot of research and new what the options were.  He explained that at this point we need to decide if we wanted to to through with treatment now or we could do "Watchful Waiting.

After explaining the possible outcomes of radiation:
   -Lost of sex drive
   -Soft and irregular bowel movements
   -Energy Lost
   -Effects of radiation may last for a while

We came to the conclusion that we would do "Watchful Waiting".  We would continue to check the psa every 4 months.  When it got to a point where we had to do something, we would.  My psa reached 10 in September of 2017.  I had an additional 10 years before the doctor and myself felt like we had to treat the cancer.


Although there was several effective treatments for prostate cancer, only one was right for me.  My prostate was oversized and other treatments other than radiation would not have been as effective.  I was referred to an oncologist who decided that radiation was the right treatment and I would need 44 sessions.  I had to be setup on the radiation table at such an angle that would allow the radiation beam to hit the exact spot on the prostate where the cancer was.

Once set up on the radiation table the treatment lasted about 5 minutes.  There is no pain, no feeling at all.  The whole process lasted about 15 minutes.  During the treatment some of the results are as stated above, but they don't last forever.  I have recovered from all except for my energy level.  I still get excessively tired doing exercise and it takes longer to recover.

After a month I went back to my urologist after doing blood work, I found that my psa had dropped to 2.8.  The doctor said it would drop to less than 1.  So things are progressing very well.  Hopefully I will soon be back to where I was prior to the radiation treatment.


I know that every case is not the same.  In many cases you may not have to be in a rush to do something about it.  Especially if you are older and find that the cancer is localized. Also If you find that the cancer is not the aggressive type.  Try to keep your mind thinking positively, this will help a lot.

You may benefit from talking to someone that you trust.  I will also make myself available, if that's what you prefer.  My email address is

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