How To Cure Cankles (Swollen Ankles) Naturally At Home

Being a man, as most men do, look at women everyday from head to toe.  One of the things that catches my attention is swollen ankles.  In my opinion, this significantly takes away from the otherwise good looks that she may have.

I know that men too have swollen ankles, but I don't pay as much attention to them.  It is a problem for them also.

Causes of Swollen Ankles.        

   -Obesity-  To much weight on your feet can cause ankles to swell.

   -Pregnancy- At some point during pregnancy many women will get swollen ankles.  This is usually

   -Diseases- Some diseases may cause swollen ankles.


   -Blood Clots


   -Injuries- Injuries to the feet or ankles may cause swelling in these areas.

   -Fractures of all kinds

   -Kidney problems



This may be just a few of the causes as there could be other reasons.  In cases where the swelling is caused by an injury, a hot towel applied may relieve the symptoms.  In other cases that are permanent or have existed for a long period of time additional, more involved treatment may be necessary.

Symptoms May be Reduced by:       

   -Drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day.

   -Less salt intake

   -Taking frequent walks

   -Elevate legs

   -Compression Socks

   -Weight loss

   -Epsom Salt



In addition to the treatments stated above there is a tried and true program that is sweeping the country benefiting many with swollen ankles.

Prevention of Swollen Ankles

   -Make your feet tight by wearing closed in shoes, intermittently, like sneakers.

   -Be smart when shopping for summer shoes.  Shop in the evening as due to gravity your feet tends 
to spread during the day.  Sandals should be purchased with an arched or vaulted foot bed.

   -Be careful when purchasing bad footware like thongs or flip flops as they will cause future problems.

   -Purchase shoes that don't allow the feet to spread.

   -Drink plenty of water. 

No More Cankles 

This is a 4 step natural program that will reduce your swollen in a very short period of time.  You don't have to worry about other people looking at your ankles.  You don't have to choose clothing to hide your ankles or struggle to fit into your favorite shoes and boots.

The good news is, your dream of living cankle free is a real possibility.  Do not believe anyone who tells you that "surgery is the only way".  This is far from being the truth.

In short, if you are looking to wave goodbye to your cankles, this book is your holy grail.  It is inexpensive and there is a 60 day guarantee.  Much more info is provided here.

If this doesn't work then there may be something more serious going on within your body that a doctor should be consulted on.




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