Doctors May Not Give You All The Answers

Do you believe everything your doctor tells you? Many times they are giving an opinion. Your opinion may be different but may be as accurate. So, the initial opinion is not something to live and die by.

Second Opinion

I have second guessed my doctor many times. This is usually based on a similar condition that I've had or knew someone had. It may also be because of an internal feeling.

What the doctors have is more education, training and experience than yourself. This may give them a better idea of your condition, when considering your symptoms.

If you do not agree with your doctor, remember that you can ask for a second opinion. In most cases the attending physician will suggest that you seek one.

My Mother's Concoctions

During my childhood we did not visit a doctor for anything less than needing a shot or vaccination of some kind. My family's less favorable financial situation, in most cases, prevented this. My mother made all the medical decisions. There was nothing that one of her concoctions, made from who knows what, and castor oil would not cure. In fact we believed in her, more so than the doctor.

My Doctor Visits as a Child

One of the few times I remember going to the doctor was when playing. I jumped over a wooden fence and came down on a board with a nail in it. The nail went through my right foot at the bottom of my little toe. I hobbled home, went to the doctor who gave me a shot to prevent infection.

We lived in a small country village where people grew a lot of their food and raised livestock. Occasionally livestock would escape their enclosures. One day I was returning from the general store with my mother, and a mother cow and calf was in our way. I attempted to run the cow and calf out of our way. The mother cow attacked me, gored me under my right arm. The resulting injury was a ripped open arm pit. Some how my mother was able to fight off the mother cow to keep it from doing further damage to me. Again, I was taken to the doctor who stitched up the wound. That was one of the few other times I remember going to the doctor.

These were emergency situations when a doctor was necessary. I am sure that similar conditions existed prior to the introduction of drugs, and was appropriately handled. My mother didn't have that knowledge, so, the doctor was a must.

My Current Feelings

My position is there is room for doctors who practice believing in both medical drugs and natural cures. The patient in consultation with the doctor can make the best decision diagnosis and treatment.

My reasons for feeling as I do is not just about doctors. I feel this way about anyone who tells me something. I may not think that way during the time that they are talking to me. Certainly afterwards as I begin to think about the conversation, I may start to challenge what was said in my mind.

Maybe this is due to my upbringing and how things were taught to me.

When you consider that prescription drugs were first introduced in 1932 and were coined wonder drugs. They were antibiotics that inhibited the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms. What did we do prior to that time. Many of the medical problems and conditions that occurred are still occurring today. How did we handle them then.

My intent here is not to dissuade anyone from believing in their doctors. But if you have questions, don't be afraid to ask. You don't have to believe everything that the doctor tells you. You may have your own reasons for not believing. Get a second opinion.

If you are like me you have to believe, in your heart, that what is being told to you is correct. I believe that you have to be totally convinced in your mind before your body can be completely healed. When you totally agree with the diagnosis and treatment, your body seems to sense it. Recovery will be faster and with fewer complications.

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