Depression Is Not A Sign Of Aging

Depression is a very common condition that is found in every living group of people today.  In fact there are over 350,000,000 people worldwide that suffer from this condition.

What is Depression

Depression is a mental disorder where a person has a prolonged period of sadness, unhappiness, helplessness, hopelessness or worthlessness.  These feelings often get worse over time, causing a person to have self doubt, severe despondency and dejection.

Depression Causes

  1. Death or loss of a love one.
  2. Serious illnesses
  3. Certain medical drugs
  4. Feeling useless
  5. Being a burden on someone
  6. Constant pain that can't be relieved
  7. Being overweight
  8. Genetics
  9. And others

These characteristics are not peculiar to older adults although they seem to be more noticeable at this stage of our lives.

I've seen several friends take anti-depressants for years on end, none get better and most get worse.  Just a gravy train for pharmaceutical companies.  At best this is tinkering around with symptoms rather than tackling or trying to establish the cause.

Taking a pill doesn't alter people's life experiences, circumstances or their way of looking at them.  The perception of themselves doesn't change and their self esteem usually lessens.

Real Life Cases   

When I was stationed in Germany, while in the military service, I had a friend who became depressed.  Like myself, he was a young private, just beginning his tenure.  His wife had just had a baby boy.  He didn't have enough leave time to visit them in the US.  He became very sad and to himself.  His condition became worse, until it got to the point where he couldn't be relied on to perform his duty.  He was given medication that seemed to accentuate the problem.  He was eventually transferred out of our unit.

I also have a friend who was one of my high school instructors.  During his tenure at my high school he lived in our community with all of our friends.  He and his wife moved to a different community.  They retired and was in position to enjoy their retired life.  Unfortunately, she passed away, he was left by himself in a large house in this unfamiliar community.  He became depressed and couldn't be found for several days.  His daughter finally found him wandering outside his home.  She posted a notice on Facebook, explaining that he felt useless as no one called or came to see him.  He had been
on medication, but it didn't seem to do any good.  Because of the Facebook message more of his old friends would call and come by to take him out.  He seems to be doing much better now.

How is Depression Treated

The most common form of treatment for depression is the use of antidepressant medication.  Nobody can say for sure at this moment why antidepressants can alter a persons mood, because nobody knows for certain exactly how AD medication works.  It is only thought that by increasing or decreasing certain chemicals in the brain, such as serotonin, that has an effect on the brains neurotransmitters.

Currently, 10% of all Americans over 12 years old take antidepressants daily.  Among females in their 40's and 50's, that figure increases to 25%.  Approximately 254 million prescriptions were written for them in America in 2010.  The cost is in billions of dollars.  This cost more than likely has significantly risen in the following years.

However, antidepressants do not cure depression.  They only lessen the symptoms for a minority of people who take them.  A recent report published in The Journal of the American Medical Association stated that the drugs work best for very severe cases of depression.  They have little or no benefit over a placebo in less serious cases.

Antidepressants can have very serious side affects.  They come with no guarantee that they will work on any level of success.

Due to the pharmaceutical and medical industry's wide-reaching influence and the money involved, and due to health professionals who deal with depression and other illnesses being afraid of offering a treatment which may upset the powerful companies, very few are willing to publicize findings that depression can indeed be treated naturally, safely, extremely cheaply and in just a few weeks.

James Gordon's Treatment Program

James Gordon, a former depression sufferer, who is doing a lot of work to try to make these findings available to the general public.  He is the creator of the "Destroy Depression System"a simple, 7 step guide to self-curing depression.  This program naturally uses an amalgamation of all the research done in this area, together with his own self-experimentation with which he cured his depression.


Depression is like drowning when everyone around you is enjoying the swim. It takes a lot of effort to beat it, however natural solutions can be really helpful.

For those having difficulties with depression, I highly recommend the Destroy Depression system. .  Written by James Gordon, a major depression sufferer who struggled with his own depression for 2 decades, it teaches 7 natural steps that he implemented to heal himself and has helped thousands,

The response to this system has been exceptional.  I believe that will naturally help anyone with depression.

*I am an affiliate for Destroy Depression and may be paid a commission if product is purchased via this blog.



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