Bow Legs, Knock Knees Straightened Naturally

Bow legs is a dreaded condition that is usually identified at birth. The legs appearance is like a bowed out (zero) when the ankles are together.

Black women seems more affected by this condition than any other group.

This condition is common in early childhood. This is because of the baby's cramped position in the mother's womb. The child's legs should begin to straighten after a year. Consultation with a doctor should occur if this condition persists.

The lingering condition could also mean the child has Blount's disease. The doctor will diagnose this condition, if it is present.

Rickets, a lack of vitamin d, phosphate or calcium in the diet, may also be present. These nutrients are necessary to develop strong bones. Blood tests will discover this malady, if it is present.

I became aware of my bow legs when I was about 6 years old. I was often reminded of this condition by other school students. It was like a joke for them.

Later in life I learned of some problems caused by bow legs. During my jogging I began having knee pains. I thought it was because of my shoes. I went to an athletic shoe store to buy a new pair of shoes.

The salesman looked at the heals of the shoes I was wearing. He noticed that I had more wear on the outside of the heals. That was evidence that I was supinating. I had the wrong shoe, which definitely caused the problem. He suggested and I purchased a corrective shoe that would roll my feet back to a straight position. This corrected the knee pain problem.

At my country high school we considered a young lady with bow legs, attractive. That was because her hips swayed from side to side in a nice way. This young lady was beautiful and her clothing was always form fitting.

She got many catcalls and seemed to like it.

Permanent Cure

I never would have believed this, but bow legs and knock knees responds to a series of exercises. Your legs can actually be straightened out with them.

Most people are embarrassed to show their bow legs. With this program you will proud to show your legs. You can wear shorts and not have to worry about harrassment.

Without the risk of surgery and the problems that can occur. Being immobile for weeks until healed.

In comparison to surgery this program is a must, if you have bow legs or knock knees. Try it here, you have nothing to lose.


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