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Why High Cholesterol is Not The Problem

High Cholesterol

High cholesterol alone may not be a problem for many of us with such a diagnosis. In fact several studies by noted organizations have verified this claim.
Supporting Studies
The Journal of the American Medical Association published a critical study in 1987. This study found that there was no correlation levels and mortality in people over 50 years of age. In fact the study also found that lowering cholesterol among the elderly could be fatal.
There was a later related study reported by The Journal of Cardiac Failure. The finding was that low serum cholesterol contributed to an increase in mortality. Especially those with advanced heart failure.
There are several more studies that supports this position.
Cholesterol is a vital precurser to vitamin D, testosterone, estrogen and adrenaline. This makes it very important to have in our bodies. Yet doctors and the pharmaceutical industry are pushing statin drugs. The drugs may be harmful to organs in the body.

Everyday Vegetable Drops Bloodpressure by 8 Points

You know this vegetable for being light and crunchy.  You can get it in all supermarkets and probably already have it in your fridge. And there is a good reason to chew on this vegetable. Consuming it daily has been shown to drop diastolic and systolic blood pressure more than 8 points.  And you get all this without doing anything else. Celery is rich in the phytochemical called pthalides, making it a boon for those with high blood pressure.  This chemical relaxes the artery walls and increases blood flow, thus bringing down blood pressure, easily and effectively. The celery stalk is also high in magnesium and potassium.  Both are extremely powerful at lowering blood pressure. Celery seeds contain a chemical compound called 3-n-butyllpthalide (3nB), which is an active compound that lowers blood pressure.

In a recent study in The Natural Medicine Journal 30 patients were given celery seed extract containing 85% 3nB (150 mg/day).  In just 6 weeks, the average systolic and diastolic bloo…

Urinary Tract Infections Can Be a Big Problem

Urinary Tract Infections can be a serious problem for both men and women.  Many people have various conditions in their bodies but cannot identify where they came from.

In many cases these problems are caused by an overgrowth of candida.  What is candida?  Candida is a fungus that resides in the mouth and intestines of humans.  Normally they are kept in check by the good bacteria, that is also present in the body.

When this overgrowth occurs, usually in women, other symptoms begin to show up.

Symptoms Like:

   -Smelling like fish in the vaginal area

   -Feeling itchy in the vaginal area

   -Frequent urination

   -Bad Breath

   -Abdominal pain



   -Painful sex

   -Strong Smelly Urine

   -Athletes foot

   -And many other conditions

Men also can get Urinary Tract Infections that can cause problems that can also be embarrassing.  Like most men over 50 years of age, I have an oversized prostate gland.  In my case this slowed my urine flow and prevented me fro…

How Can Arthritis Kill You?

It may seem that your knees ache so much that it’s not physically possible to “kick the bucket.” However, emerging research shows that more and more deaths are a direct result of arthritis
A Serious ProblemArthritis is already known to be the most prevalent chronic disease in the world –affecting over half of all adults over the age of 55. More and more scientists are sounding the alarm over hospitalizations and premature deaths due to arthritis.
Kills More People Than Heart Disease If there’s one thing everyone knows about health, it’s that more people die from heart disease than any other cause. Or does it?

According to a study by Harvard University researchers that was recently published in the Annals of Rheumatic Diseases, the rates of death for people with Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) were more than double that of people without RA.

It gets even scarier. Many people with RA have a protein known as Rheumatoid Factor. This protein is a marker of how bad your arthritis is. Even withou…

How To Cure Cankles (Swollen Ankles) Naturally At Home

Being a man, as most men do, look at women everyday from head to toe.  One of the things that catches my attention is swollen ankles.  In my opinion, this significantly takes away from the otherwise good looks that she may have.

I know that men too have swollen ankles, but I don't pay as much attention to them.  It is a problem for them also.
Causes of Swollen Ankles.    -Obesity-  To much weight on your feet can cause ankles to swell.

   -Pregnancy- At some point during pregnancy many women will get swollen ankles.  This is usually

   -Diseases- Some diseases may cause swollen ankles.


   -Blood Clots


   -Injuries- Injuries to the feet or ankles may cause swelling in these areas.

   -Fractures of all kinds

   -Kidney problems



This may be just a few of the causes as there could be other reasons.  In cases where the swelling is caused by an injury, a hot towel applied may relieve the symptoms.  In other cases th…

Panic and Anxiety Attacks

Are you struggling to treat your general anxiety or panic attacks?  Are you frustrated, in pain, or feeling constant worry and stress for not being able to properly deal with your anxiety despite all your efforts? Are you tired of the way your panic attacks and anxiety make you feel?  Are you avoiding situations, or things that you wish to do or participate in because of your fear and anxiety?  Do you feel that life is passing you by? 
Do you fear leaving the house, making holiday plans or business travel.  Do you fear situations where you are asked to speak in front of people or getting stuck in traffic?  
Do you feel like a prisoner to your panic attacks and anxiety that you have forgotten what it was like to be normal?
If you answered yes to any of the above you are suffering from either panic or anxiety attacks.  These problems are keeping you from enjoying the complete life that you deserve.  You can naturally free yourself from these feelings and live a very confident life with…

Depression Is Not A Sign Of Aging

Depression is a very common condition that is found in every living group of people today.  In fact there are over 350,000,000 people worldwide that suffer from this condition.
What is Depression Depression is a mental disorder where a person has a prolonged period of sadness, unhappiness, helplessness, hopelessness or worthlessness.  These feelings often get worse over time, causing a person to have self doubt, severe despondency and dejection.
Depression Causes   1. Death or loss of a love one.
  2. Serious illnesses
  3. Certain medical drugs
  4. Feeling useless
  5. Being a burden on someone
  6. Constant pain that can't be relieved
  7. Being overweight
  8. Genetics
  9. And others

These characteristics are not peculiar to older adults although they seem to be more noticeable at this stage of our lives.

I've seen several friends take anti-depressants for years on end, none get better and most get worse.  Just a gravy train for pharmaceutical companies.  At best this is tin…

Doctors May Not Give You All The Answers

Do you believe everything your doctor tells you? Many times they are giving an opinion. Your opinion may be different but may be as accurate. So, the initial opinion is not something to live and die by.
Second Opinion I have second guessed my doctor many times. This is usually based on a similar condition that I've had or knew someone had. It may also be because of an internal feeling.
What the doctors have is more education, training and experience than yourself. This may give them a better idea of your condition, when considering your symptoms.
If you do not agree with your doctor, remember that you can ask for a second opinion. In most cases the attending physician will suggest that you seek one.
My Mother's Concoctions During my childhood we did not visit a doctor for anything less than needing a shot or vaccination of some kind. My family's less favorable financial situation, in most cases, prevented this. My mother made all the medical decisions. There was noth…