Toenail Fungus Problems

Another very embarrassing and really difficult to cure condition is toenail fungus.  A great number of people, especially older ones, are stricken with this condition.  It is caused by a fungus parasite that will embed itself under the toe nail and causes all kinds of problems.

The toenail deteriorates becoming discolored, and brittle and at its worst stage, will come off.  It may also result in ingrown toenails.  The deep yellow color and unsightly shape is something that most people will want to hide by wearing socks even though they have on sandals in the heat of summer.

If you are a person that wears dark socks and tight shoes a lot you are probably more susceptible to
acquiring this condition.  The nail as well as the skin around it looks bad and the smell is unpleasant.

This is not just a cosmetic problem as some think and can be hidden with nail polish.  In fact this can hasten the severity of the problem.

This is another problem that I have dealt with for many years.  I have tried doctor prescribed drugs that may have caused damage to my inner organs, as they can be lethal.  I have also tried about every kind of over-the-counter advertised cure and none have worked.  My nail has fallen off but when it comes back the problem is still there.  I will keep trying to find that illusive cure.

I've had a couple of friends that have tried the doctor recommended laser treatment that, according to them, was a bit painful, but still did not  cure the problem.

If you don't have this problem, please stay away from:
   - Wearing the same socks 2 days in a row without washing.
   - Public showers and restrooms without thongs/footwear.

By all means, you should visit your local podiatrist, as they will keep the nails clipped.  There may also be a white substance caked under the nail, that the doctor will clean out.  This will allow air and medicine to get under the nail that may help in healing.

There is one homeopathic remedy that I just found that have been lauded by many as a sure cure for this annoying and embarrassing problem.

For you, don't let this problem linger, keep the nails cut and cleaned underneath.  That at least may slow the maturation of this problem.

One program that I have seen advertised on television is the Fungus Terminator Program.  It has gotten a lot of pub lately.  It is doctor developed and has great customer feedback.  It seems to have more promise than other so-called remedies that I have tried.

You can access this program at the link below.

*I have not been compensated but will be if the advertised product is purchased, as I am an affiliate of  this program.


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