The Truth About The World of Juicing and Blending

Juicing has a remarkable history, having begun in early biblical times.  There are stories throughout history detailing how juices were used to combat diseases of all kinds.

During the early 1930s the Greenpower juicer was invented.  It utilized the old mortar and pestle method of pressing out the juices from the fruits and vegetables.  Then during the 1950s the first Champion juicer was introduced.  Masticating the fruits and vegetables to extract the juices was the processed used.

All these methods resulted in the pulp being separated from the juices.  Most of the health producing vitamins, minerals, fiber etc are found in the pulp.  I believed that blending was best and later purchased a blending machine.

There are several excellent masticating juicers on the market today.  Its all about what you prefer.  Juice without the pulp or juice with the pulp.  This will determine the kind of machine you purchase.

Vita Mix introduced the first blender in the late 1930s.  This high speed appliance was used to blend
fruit and vegetable juices along with the pulp.  In my mind this machine produces the healthier output.  The pulp is where the fiber is.  For vegetarians this is a must because of the difficulty of getting enough in their diet.

I purchased Vita Mix 3600 in 1990.  This appliance was introduced in 1969.  It was the first blender
that could knead bread, make ice cream and blend juices with pulp.  I still have and use this machine today.  3 years ago I misplaced it's tamper.  I called the home office, they still had my purchase information.  The tamper was sent to me immediately.

Blending has been a favorite way for me to eat for almost 30 years.  Green juices were my favorite.  A mixture of Spinach or Kale with other sweeter fruits for a better taste.  Its interesting to experiment with the various fruits and vegetables as you become healthier.  Banana was my favorite sweetening
fruit for my drinks.

Wheat grass juice also became a favorite of my wife and myself.  I purchased a wheat grass juicer which we still use today.  I even grew my own wheat grass in our kitchen.  It was fun.  It only took about 3 to 4 days to grow enough to harvest.  Three trays were used as planting was done on different days.  This way there was always grass available.  Wheat grass is very dense and powerful.  Four ounces would give enough nutrients for a day.

*I am presently reviewing several ebooks on blending/juicing and will be recommending one very soon.  Check back soon.

When I first started blending/juicing there were just a few juicing recipe books available.  Today there are hundreds.  You must be careful selecting as many are not worth your money.

 One website I have reviewed contains ebooks for every occasion.  One ebook I was particularly impressed with, Juice Power, How to Juice for Healing and Life Long Health.  Other interesting ebooks include, Juicing For Athletes, Recipes For Better Endurance and Faster Recovery; and Juicing For Men, Potent Juices For Boosting Testosterone and Virility.  These are very popular with simple recipes and easy to read.

If you are starting a blending/juicing program or a long time juicer you can't go wrong at this website.

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