Food Preparation

Food preparation is essential to attain/maintain fitness and health for all people, young and old.  Some people, because of there busy lifestyle, prefer eating out, but after a while that gets very expensive.

Others are older and may not have the physical energy to prepare foods in a healthy way.  Yet, others may not know how to correctly prepare there food.

In looking at myself, I was born in the deep south, in a relatively poor family.  My mother went grocery shopping every week, after my father was paid from his job.  There was not a good variety of foods near us at any time.

Our diet consisted mostly of white potatoes, white rice, chickens that we raised, pork and beans and fish that we caught from a nearby stream.  There were also critters that we caught from the forest.  We had #10 cans of beans, 5 gallons cans of lard, 5 pound bags of flour, sugar and fatback .  We ate this food daily, prepared in a way that we know today, is not healthy.  We thought that this food was good.

We also raised pigs and had a smoke house in which we stored the meat.

I can remember going out into the back yard and picking certain leaves from plants, that my mom cooked with.  I ate this way until going off to college.

Once entering college I found out that we weren't eating in a healthy way.  I couldn't blame my parents because they didn't know better, and our income came into play.

After college, I became an avid reader, very interested in health and fitness, and found that we weren't eating in a  very healthy way at home.  I don't  know if I can blame some of  my ailments today on those early eating habits.

I think that maybe I went overboard in changing my diet as I became a vegetarian for 2 years later in my life.  This too became a problem because I ended up losing 40 pounds (from 200 to 160).

My friends thought I was sick, even though I felt ok, but without a lot of energy.  They said that I looked like death warmed over.

I have since changed and now eating more of a balanced diet.  Much of the weight that I lost has been regained.

Today, there are many other ways to prepare food in a healthy way, without spending a lot of time in the kitchen.  My wife and I have decided that we would, for the most part, rely primarily on this way of cooking.  I think that this would be excellent for older adults as well as those with a busy lifestyle.
In fact it is healthier because you are not cooking and destroying all of nutrients (vitamins and minerals) that are naturally in the food.

Foods can also be ordered pre-prepared and all you have to do is complete the preparation in a small oven.  This is also a way of saving money as the stove may not have to be turned on.

Technology is making life better for us all the time.


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