Essential Tremor Devastates Life

One of the most devastating traumas that you may get is an Essential Tremor.  Many people have never heard of it, but those who have it, think that very few maladies can be as bad.  This condition is a brain disorder that causes a part of your body to shake uncontrollably.

In most cases that I have seen occurred when I noticed someone's hand began to shake, as they tried to fill out a form at my doctor's office.  I pay close attention to people's hands because I have the condition myself.  I have had it for over 10 years and reluctantly have learned to live with it.  If I have to see a new doctor, I pick up the forms to fill out before my visit.  Otherwise with the tremors in hands, my wife has to go with me.

When I first found out that I had an Essential Tremor, I was selling mobile homes for a large mobile home company.  I was very happy as I had just sold a brand new 40 foot coach.  I sat down with the customer to fill out the paperwork and I couldn't do it, as my right hand was really shaking.  I was shocked as well as the customer.  I had to get someone else to complete the paperwork.

I was very worried as I went to see a neurologist the next day.  I said to him " doc, I think I have parkinsons' disease".  He told me to extend my right arm out.  I did, but there was no shaking.  He said "you don't have parkinsons disease, you have something called an Essential Tremor".  I had never heard of that.  He explained that it was probably something that one of my fore parents  had and it had come down on me, as it usually does, later in life.

Essential Tremors(ET) and Parkinson's Disease(PD) does have some similarities and those or tremors.Those tremors are different in that ET tremors are characterized by action and postural tremors and PD has rest tremors.  My hand tremors are only activated when I initiate a fine action like writing or putting a golf ball.

The doctor prescribed a drug, I don't remember the name, but we could never get the dosage adjusted for me.  When I took it I stayed dizzy.  So much so, that I couldn't drive or walk straight.  It was simply hell, living with taking that drug.  According to the doctor, there was no absolute cure for this condition, at that time.

I also found several support groups on the internet that I became members of.  They did a very good job of getting and keeping my head in the right way, to deal with this devastating condition.

In perusing the internet I have found that a new treatment for the Essential Tremor has been found.
It is Neuravive Treatment and involves treating a part of the brain with ultra sound waves.  Post treatment has resulted in treated patients walking out of the doctor's office and not shaking anymore.

I am in the process of setting up an appointment with my Neurologist to find out if this treatment is right for me.  I will also check with my insurance company to see if they will cover this necessary treatment.  If at all possible I will have this treatment. *

If you are not ready for such a drastic procedure such as Neuravive you may want to try another promising product I've found called TREMORMIRACLE.  Those that have tried swear by it, and have repurchased it.

TREMORMIRACLE has been formulated to improve circulation that may have been lost during the tremor experience.  This supports and restores healthier neuro-transmission throughout the body.


I have recently spoken to a high official at Tremor Miracle who related uplifting stories of some that
had taken the product.  He sent me a sample of it and I have been taking it for a week.  I am happy to
report that I can legibly write my name for the first time in over 10 years.  At this point my printing
is much better than cursive writing.  That's fine with me as my hopes are now sky high.  If the progress continues a followup blog may be in order.

Those of you who haven't suffered this horrible condition don't know how limiting it is.   You can't go out to eat unless someone else is there, feeding you.  It's embarrasing for a once physically strong person to have this take place.  This is mentally stressful and limits your enjoyment of life.

TremorMiracle has a very pleasant taste.  It's very similar to grape juice.

At this time I am not considering the Neuravive Treatment.

This is not a guarantee that your body will react to this product the same as mine.  You don't have to
worry as there is a 100% guarantee.

I  recommend that you give this product a try.  You may be happy that you did.  Use my link for a 10% discount.
*I have not been compensated but will be if the advertised is purchased, as I am an affiliate of TremorMiracle.


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