Can You Recognize A Seizure?

There is no doubt, seizures are very dangerous. If they are happening often the condition could be epileptic. Being able to recognize seizure symptoms in your love one is paramount in lessening the effects on his/her life.

A seizure occurs when a burst of electrical impulses in the brain escape their normal limits. They spread to neighboring areas and create an uncontrolled storm of electrical activity. The electrical impulses can spread to the muscles, causing twitches or convulsions.

Certain situations causes seizures in some people. Most common of these include tiredness, lack of sleep, stress, alcohol, and not taking medication.

Approximately 15 years ago I had a seizure in my sleep. When I awoke and gathered myself I saw rescue personnel walking around in my bedroom. They were asking me simple questions like what is your name, address, wife's name etc. I was in a confused state and didn't know what was happening. I asked were they having a party with my wife and forgot to wake me up. They laughed and said no,you may have had a seizure.

My wife had noticed that I was talking strangely in my sleep and she could not wake me up. I was also biting my tongue. Of course, she was afraid and called the emergency personnel. My blood pressure was high when they decided to take me to the hospital.

At the Emergency Room, they ran several tests before informing me that I had an epileptic seizure. The next day the hospital released me with instructions to see my neurologist. He had studied the hospital's documentation when I saw him. He immediately told me that I did not have an epileptic seizure. Since it had never happened before and there was no side affects, he called it a light seizure.

The neurologist prescribed 6 months of medication. If I had no more incidents, to see him again at that time.

I was aware that suspension of my driver's liscense was a possiblity, so I asked the neurologist. He responded by asking me if I was awake when having the seizure. Of course the answer was no. He said that because that was the case that the risk of me having a seiaure when awake was very small. My liscense remained operational without restrictions.

I returned to see the neurologist after 6 months without more incidents. He took me off medication, where I have remained since.

I recall that earlier that night before going to bed, we had been to a party. I had several drinks and felt a little tipsy. This may have been the trigger that caused my seizure.

My advice is to pay close attention to your love ones in relation to seizure symptoms. You may prevent serious medical problems.


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