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Can You Recognize A Seizure?

There is no doubt, seizures are very dangerous. If they are happening often the condition could be epileptic. Being able to recognize seizure symptoms in your love one is paramount in lessening the effects on his/her life.
A seizure occurs when a burst of electrical impulses in the brain escape their normal limits. They spread to neighboring areas and create an uncontrolled storm of electrical activity. The electrical impulses can spread to the muscles, causing twitches or convulsions.
Certain situations causes seizures in some people. Most common of these include tiredness, lack of sleep, stress, alcohol, and not taking medication.
Approximately 15 years ago I had a seizure in my sleep. When I awoke and gathered myself I saw rescue personnel walking around in my bedroom. They were asking me simple questions like what is your name, address, wife's name etc. I was in a confused state and didn't know what was happening. I asked were they having a party with my wife and f…

What If You Had A Diabetes Cure

Diabetes is a serious problem for many people young and old. Because of our diets it has become one of the more common afflictions in the world. With the potential of making lots of money many have claimed that they have discovered the ultimate cure. If that is true, why are so many people getting, having and dieing from this affliction.
I recently came across an article from a group of doctors that supports the position of a cure. The stats were so revealing that I had to write about them.
The doctors that I am speaking of are with the International Council for Truth in Medicine. According to them the cure for diabetes was available 21 years ago. Suppression at some levels happened and is still happening. Last year these doctors helped over 17,542 type 2 diabetics end the need for prescription drugs. There was also no need for insulin injections and blood sugar monitoring.
In 16 days, patients' insulin dosages were reduced by over 57%. 96% of their patients were able to s…

The Truth About The World of Juicing and Blending

Juicing has a remarkable history, having begun in early biblical times.  There are stories throughout history detailing how juices were used to combat diseases of all kinds.

During the early 1930s the Greenpower juicer was invented.  It utilized the old mortar and pestle method of pressing out the juices from the fruits and vegetables.  Then during the 1950s the first Champion juicer was introduced.  Masticating the fruits and vegetables to extract the juices was the processed used.

All these methods resulted in the pulp being separated from the juices.  Most of the health producing vitamins, minerals, fiber etc are found in the pulp.  I believed that blending was best and later purchased a blending machine.

There are several excellent masticating juicers on the market today.  Its all about what you prefer.  Juice without the pulp or juice with the pulp.  This will determine the kind of machine you purchase.

Vita Mix introduced the first blender in the late 1930s.  This high speed app…

Snoring Frustrates Your Partner

Snoring is a condition that has become a major problem in the United States. It has affected some 90 million of our citizens.
Its very frustrating to the person we are sleeping with. It prevents them from getting a good nights rest.
This problem occurs when sleeping and this horrible noise is disturbing.   Your breathing is erratic and seems difficult.
The problem is easy to identify but very hard to stop.  On occasion I get an elbow in the side, in bed, telling me to turn over as I must be making this horrible loud sound.
I've noticed that my snoring occurs after having several drinks of alcohol. If its within a couple of hours before going to bed the condition is not good. 
There are also several other causes.  Having a cold or any condition that causes a narrowing of the nasal passage. Your mouth open while you or sleeping or your sleeping position will activate this state. Having excess dust in your room or sleeping on your back are also causes.

Smoking, Need Help to Quit?

With all the research that has been done by various organizations, there is no question that smoking is very hazardous to your health. Body parts such as lungs, kidneys, throat, tongue, teeth and others are all negatively affected.

Smokers, this is not to pronounce the end for you, as there is a very good chance to beat the habit.  It won't happen automatically, as there must be a strong minded desire to quit.  This (your desire) must be the first step and if its not there, your chances to overcome this is very slim.

I was a pack a day smoker for 20 years, smoking non filtered, strong cigarettes.  I was able to quit with a pack of cigarettes in my pocket.  I threw them away when I felt that I had to, to quit.

I would not recommend my quit smoking method to anyone, but it worked for me.  I would buy very strong cigars and hold them in my mouth, unlit.  Somehow the tobacco taste was enough to satisfy my smoking desire, during normal times.  I was also a fairly frequent drinker of a…

Losing the Unwanted Weight

Many of us have a problem of losing the unwanted weight that we have on our bodies.  The problem could be hereditary, as well as from the lifestyle that we have chosen.  No matter, it may be one that is affecting our health, and should be addressed.
If its a lifestyle problem, it usually occurs as we get older and less active.  As we become more sedentary, we burn fewer calories and the weight keeps on accumulating.  We pay attention when our clothes are fitting tighter or we can't get in them anymore.

Becoming unhealthy or unfit is a very serious problem and if we want to live the remainder of our lives free and happy we must do what we can to overcome these conditions.

As you know, there are many weight loss programs being marketed today.  They all hype the benefits that they purport to offer.  If a friend or someone you trust has had success in a specific program and advises you of such, it may make your decision easier.

As I have mentioned in a previous blog, a few years ago I…

Toenail Fungus Problems

Another very embarrassing and really difficult to cure condition is toenail fungus.  A great number of people, especially older ones, are stricken with this condition.  It is caused by a fungus parasite that will embed itself under the toe nail and causes all kinds of problems.

The toenail deteriorates becoming discolored, and brittle and at its worst stage, will come off.  It may also result in ingrown toenails.  The deep yellow color and unsightly shape is something that most people will want to hide by wearing socks even though they have on sandals in the heat of summer.

If you are a person that wears dark socks and tight shoes a lot you are probably more susceptible to
acquiring this condition.  The nail as well as the skin around it looks bad and the smell is unpleasant.

This is not just a cosmetic problem as some think and can be hidden with nail polish.  In fact this can hasten the severity of the problem.

This is another problem that I have dealt with for many years.  I have …

Essential Tremor Devastates Life

One of the most devastating traumas that you may get is an Essential Tremor.  Many people have never heard of it, but those who have it, think that very few maladies can be as bad.  This condition is a brain disorder that causes a part of your body to shake uncontrollably.
In most cases that I have seen occurred when I noticed someone's hand began to shake, as they tried to fill out a form at my doctor's office.  I pay close attention to people's hands because I have the condition myself.  I have had it for over 10 years and reluctantly have learned to live with it.  If I have to see a new doctor, I pick up the forms to fill out before my visit.  Otherwise with the tremors in hands, my wife has to go with me.

When I first found out that I had an Essential Tremor, I was selling mobile homes for a large mobile home company.  I was very happy as I had just sold a brand new 40 foot coach.  I sat down with the customer to fill out the paperwork and I couldn't do it, as my …

Food Preparation

Food preparation is essential to attain/maintain fitness and health for all people, young and old.  Some people, because of there busy lifestyle, prefer eating out, but after a while that gets very expensive.

Others are older and may not have the physical energy to prepare foods in a healthy way.  Yet, others may not know how to correctly prepare there food.

In looking at myself, I was born in the deep south, in a relatively poor family.  My mother went grocery shopping every week, after my father was paid from his job.  There was not a good variety of foods near us at any time.

Our diet consisted mostly of white potatoes, white rice, chickens that we raised, pork and beans and fish that we caught from a nearby stream.  There were also critters that we caught from the forest.  We had #10 cans of beans, 5 gallons cans of lard, 5 pound bags of flour, sugar and fatback .  We ate this food daily, prepared in a way that we know today, is not healthy.  We thought that this food was good.