Starting a Fitness Program

As a senior starting a fitness program one should not begin by joining a gym attempting to run or lift heavy weights. Our bodies becoming accustomed to such by doing lighter exercise.

I know that most of us say things like "I use to do this, I still can".  This, of course, is the wrong mentality to have. 

My name is Marvin Bradford, I am 78 years of age and have been exercising since the early 1980s.  I am still very cautious when exercising.  I know that I must have my body in the right condition for exercising.  Warming my muscles for at least 15 minutes will get me there.

We should also realize that exercising is not the only avenue that one should pursue if he/she wants to become fit.  Mental fitness will be another area that we will concentrate on.  I speak to older seniors everyday at my gym, and have picked up many tips that I will be sharing on this blog site.

Another very important part of your fitness plan is your eating habits.  What you eat, how much, how often and food preparation is important.  For me, changing my eating habits was most difficult for me.

Having a wife who was use to preparing full meals everyday that looked and tasted good, was hard to avoid.  This means we were over eating most of the time.  The only way for me to change was to have a heart to heart talk with my her. Have her understand that it would be better for both of us to change, by not eating as much.  That was a challenge, but we did change.  This along with specific exercises reduced my resting blood pressure.

Paying close attention to your body is important. Reacting immediately after feeling that something is not right is more important. This quick response may reduce your potential problems.  Attention to strange marks, scars, abrasions, knots or moles on your skin is a problem . Seeing your family physician immediately is imperative.  

I remember 40 years ago, when I first started to exercise. I worked in a management position at a large corporation. I was a sharp dressing person, wearing tight cut Italian made suits. Pants had no pleats and no back pockets. This particular day I walked into my office, took off my coat and went to my secretary's desk to get my messages. She looked at me and said "Mr Bradford, your stomach is hanging over.

I did not let on that it hurt my feelings, but it did. That very day I decided to get myself in better physical shape. That afternoon I went out to a local high school track to jog. I got about 50 yards and began up chugging. That was the beginning. The next day I went back and decided to go a little slower. I started walking and did so everyday for the next 3 monts
before jogging. 2 months after that I ran my 1st 5k race.

Of course I lost 15 pounds. That was in 1983 and I have been exercising 5 days a week until the end of last year. I then started treatment for a serious ailment that will be the subject of another blog. I started to exercising again about a month ago. I gained 20 pounds over the 3 months that I was out.

Your thinking is another very important part of a healthy fitness plan.  There is no doubt that negative thinking is detrimental to health and fitness.  Your mind being on other things is dangerous.   Concentrate on what you are doing, being safe.

There are other things about fitness that we will be discussing in upcoming blogs. Come back often and read about them.

*I have not been compensated but will be if the advertised product is purchased, as I am an affiliate of Red Tea Detox.


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