My Fitness and Drinking Water

Obviously, we all know that drinking an adequate amount of water everyday is very important to one's health and fitness.  What is adequate varies in different climates, times of the year, and the amount of activity being expended.

 Generally, one should be drinking at least one half ounce of water per pound of weight.  For instance, if one weighs 200 lbs he/she should be drinking 100 oz of water.

We also have to consider that we are constantly losing water through sweating and urinating.

I wanted to speak more about my personal experiences of drinking water and at times becoming dehydrated and how I felt during those times.  As a 78 year old gentleman, I am an avid exerciser and I am paying very close attention to how my body reacts in every situation that one may think of.

I try to load up on water prior to going to the gym everyday.  I drink 32 oz prior to exercise and I take another 32 oz bottle and continously drink during my routines.  I am also cognizant of over drinking.  I don't think I have ever done that but it could easily happen.

I think it would certainly make one feel sluggish, without the energy to exercise.  *

When I am hydrated I feel good and energetic.  I don't want to eat as much, which is good for me, seemingly, always attempting to lose a pound.  My skin feels soft, smooth and without many of the wrinkles that are normally very noticeable.

I seem to urinate more but the flow is much freer and  stronger.  The urine color is closer to colorless.  This is good at night as I can much easier evacuate, so that I don't get up as often.

I keep a bottle of water at bedside, drinking a good swallow before going back to bed.  The reason we get up often at night is because we are not evacuating or emptying the bladder.

At times when I have become dehydrated, my mouth becomes dry, especially during exercise.  Even though I can exercise, I am more tired and my recovery time is longer.

My urge to urinate is still there but there is not much urine to expel.  This is not a good situation, as the urine is more acetic and tends to leave a stinging sensation when finished.  The color is a darker greenish yellow.  My skin feels a little rough and it is much harder to shave the tough hairs on my face.

I once had a malady (prostate cancer) that required radiation treatments, in such a situation I had to constantly drink water as my doctor continued to stress drinking water.  I thought that I would float away but we got through the treatment with total recovery.

I was told that many times we feel that we have an ailment, the problem is that we have not drunk enough water.   Drinking water may remove the ailment.

When we know that our bodies are at least 60 percent water, it should stand to reason that to keep it in good shape, we should drink water constantly.

Hope you enjoyed reading my personal experience with drinking water.

What experiences have you had with being dehydrated?

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