Mental and Physical Fitness

As a 78 year old I have noticed that my memory is not as good as it once was.  I do have a small problem in remembering names.  Although I have no problem remembering names of friends from high school and college, I do have one in remembering names of new friends that I meet.

Unless I'm seeing my new friends often and calling their names, in about 2 weeks, I will forget it.  I do exercise frequently and believe that has helped some.

Mental and Physical fitness are very strongly related as you cannot have one without the other.  If your mental fitness is lacking you won't have the energy or desire to become physically fit.

Also, if you are not physically fit or exercising you are not strengthhening your brain, providing the necessary brain food which helps your body produce those feel good endorphins that gives that strong desire to move.

Another activity that I learned, that I believe has helped significantly, is meditation.  About 10 years ago I took a 2 day class on Transcendental Meditation.  At first I would do 2 15 minute sessions a day.

Other than relax me, I didn't notice any other benefit.  I cut back to once a day for several years.  Recently I started 2 a day sessions again and can really see and feel the difference. My breathing has slowed and I am totally relaxed.

I also discovered a new meditation technique that I use when I don't have a lot of time.  It may give as much mental health benefits as Transcendental Meditation.

I discovered this technique researching the internet.  I don't believe it has a name.  What you do is close your eyes and start belly breathing.  Start at 50 and count backwards to 1.

You may not make it to 1 as you will be so relaxed that you will lose your count.  If you can't  make it to 1, the next time start at 40.  I will talk more about my meditation experience in a future article.
As we get older mental fitness and sometimes depression kicks in.

I noticed my parents as they became older senior citizens not only forget names, but would also forget directions to grocery stores and other locations they frequently visited.

So much so, that we had to take away their driver's licenses.  I also noticed during those times that they became less active.  They had to be encouraged to become active by walking.  We tried some of the simpler mind games that are advertised.

If we had started them earlier we might have seen better progress.

Every night, in bed, before going to sleep I work for about 30 minutes on a crossword puzzle from the local newspaper.  This has gotten addictive as I look forward to this activity.  This too has helped my mental health and fitness.

Not only should we be paying attention to ourselves as we get older, but also our love ones as they may not recognize that they are not as cognizant as they once was.  They may need your help.

My goal here is to get you to exercising your mind along with your physical exercise.

Please let me know if you have had mental experiences that you would relate to becoming a problem.

*I have not been compensated but will be if the advertised is purchased, as I am an affiliate of Dominate Depression.


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