Back Pain (Sciatica) Relief

Back pain (Sciatica) is a life draining problem for millions of people the world over.  It can affect older/younger, it doesn't matter.  The pain can be as simple as stiffness after lying or sitting in one position for a short period.  It can also be a continous severe pain that persists no matter your position.  That includes sitting, standing or lying down.

One must understand that once your back has been injured, even though it may have been cured, it will be much easier to re-injure.  So precautions must be taken in order to prevent re-injury.

One important precaution is to never stoop over to pick up anything, no matter how light it is.  You must remember to squat, keeping the back straight to lift any object.

Another is to always sit on the side of the bed for about 30 seconds when waking, to stand up.

I have a congenital form of sciatica called spinal stenosis.  This malady persists when one is born, with very little space between the spinal cord and the surrounding vertebrae.

 I did not know this and had no back problems until I began to play golf at 31 years of age.  I lived about 5 minutes from the golf course and was there everyday after work.  After a week of swinging the golf club, my back began to hurt.

I did't think much of the pain as I was determined to play my best golf as soon as I could.  Being able to compete with my new friends, who were experienced golfers, spurred me to continue.

Obviously I continued to aggravate the condition to the point that I could hardly stand up.  I continued to play even though I could not stoop to take the golf ball from the cup after putting out.

I was in constant pain for the next 3 years.  I had seen almost every kind of practitioner who claimed to be able to relieve back pain.  That includes chiropractors, accupuncturists and rolfers.

I have in my home now a device that helps me to hang upside down, along with other muscle vibrators.  These all give temporary relief but no cure.

About  20 years ago I had a medical procedure called chemo papain.  This procedure, which is not done in the United States anymore, involved the injection of an enzyme of papaya into a protruding spinal disc, that was causing my pain.

One week after the procedure I was again jogging and playing golf.

I recently talked to my doctor about this procedure.  He informed me that this procedure could have caused me many other problems including death.  Now when my back stiffens up, I go to the gym and walk on the treadmill for 20 minutes and my back loosens up and is fine.

I have since done daily exercises to strengthen my stomach muscles.  I believe this has resulted in giving significant support to my weakened back.  Although I occasionally have lower back pain, it is not as severe as before.  I did stomach crunches and they tended to cause the back to hurt.

Today there are many other methods that are advertised that relieves sciatica.  Sciatica, meaning all problems that causes back pain.

If your back pain is severe you may want to try one that you think may help.  Obviously, you must do something to relieve the pain.

These are my personal experiences with back pain.  I hope that it helps you as you seek a cure for you or someone know who has this severe malady.

*I have not been compensated but will be if the advertised is purchased, as I am an affiliate of Sciatica SOS.


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