One Year After Prostate Cancer (Radiation) Treatment

This blog is to give my blog followers an update of my experience after undergoing Prostate Cancer Treatment.  As you will note, although I am doing fine now, the process hasn't" been easy.

I had 44 treatments of Radiation Therapy and I didn't notice any measurable difference in my feelings until after about 36 weeks of the treatment.

At that point I began to notice that I had a problem containing my urine.  Several times during the day I would feel a dampness in my underwear (shorts).  This would occur without me having any fore warning that I needed to urinate.  This incontinent condition led to myself wearing Depends.

Also at that time I noticed that my Bowels became very soft and loose.  I couldn't tell the difference between passing gas and having to defecate.  In other words when I felt that I had to pass gas, it might have been gas or it could have been almost liquid fecal material.  Often times  I had to change underwear during the day or pajamas at night.  I …

My Hiatal Hernia Discovery

Sometimes things are happening inside our bodies and we wonder why.  So it was with me in discovering that I had a hiatal hernia.

I am an avid exerciser, exercising 4 to 5 days a week since the early 1980s.  Things were going well until about a year ago.  One of the things happening, among others, was a buildup of pressure in my chest when climbing the stairs in my home.  I'm talking about walking up 17 steps to the 2nd floor in my home.  At times there was also a slight pain in my left side chest muscle.

This was occurring even though I was walking and jogging on a YMCA treadmill at least 30 minutes every day.  Because of feedback from my doctor, I was thinking that I was in super physical shape.  Now I am beginning to think that I may have a heart problem.

After having this feeling 2 to 3 times a month, I decided to have this condition checked out.  The last time it happened I had my wife drive me to the hospital emergency room.  They kept me for 3 days and ran every test, I bel…

Insomnia is Not Difficult to Cure

If you suffer from sleeplessness 2 or more times a week, then insomnia has found its way into your life and it is slowing stealing your happiness.

Believe me, I know…

That first night you can’t get to sleep isn't so bad… but after a few weeks and a few more sleepless nights it really starts affecting your life.

You try pills and herbs without success.

The next thing you know, you feel like a walking zombie!

Now there is an unusual – and unlikely – way for you to get back on a normal sleep pattern and get back to your life!

This simple aproach trains your brain to sleep. And gives you your life back with a normal sleeping patterns.

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- It is easy and effortless to follow

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My TURP (Roto Rooter) Experience

TURP stands for Transurethral Resection of The Prostate which can relieve several problems that are caused by an over sized prostate gland.  I had an over sized prostate gland that made life miserable for me.

I first noticed one of the symptoms when my urine flow became slower and more of a dribble than a stream.  This resulted in many more trips to the rest room for relief.  Soon afterwards I began to have urinary tract infections(uti).  I didn't know why I was having so many of them.  After some research and discussions with my Urologist, I discovered that I was not emptying my bladder.  The stale urine that was left was probably the cause.

My Urologist then prescribed a drug called tamsulosin (flomax).  This drug treats the urine flow problem by opening the urinary tract for better passage of urine.  This allows emptying of the bladder upon urination decreasing the uti problem.  The drug does nothing to treat the cause of the problem, which is an enlarged prostate.  The prostat…

How Seniors Live With Back Pain

Back pain is a condition that most of us live with everyday of our lives.  It becomes more prevalent as we grow older, as wear and tear plays a big part in many senior's back problems.

How My Back Problems Began

I began to have back problems when I was 30 years of age.  At that time I had started a new job where most of my co-workers played golf.  I decided that I would play also and began to take golf lessons.  I lived about 5 minutes from a local golf course and would go there for practice every evening after work.

After about 2 weeks at this routine my back began to hurt.  Even though the pain was severe I continued to practice.  It was so severe that I couldn't stoop to remove the golf ball from the putting cup.  I purchased an attachment to the putter handle that would allow me to remove the ball from the cup without stooping.

After about 2 months the pain was so severe that I couldn't stand up straight.  My wife took me to a Hospital Emergency Rooms where X-Rays showe…

Apple Cider Vinegar is a Superfood

Apple Cider Vinegar is considered one of the super foods that can be very beneficial to our health and fitness if taken in the right way.  It has been around for ages and is still lauded by many health advocates.

I have taken it off and on for close to 10 years, especially during the 2 year period that I practiced being a vegetarian.  I found that there were several apple cider vinegar benefits that helps with your health and fitness.

My apple cider vinegar cocktail contained one table spoon of  vinegar in an 8 ounce glass of water with 1/2 teaspoon of honey to make the taste more palatable.

You must realize that apple cider vinegar is contains acetic acid in its natural state but when taken into the body it becomes alkaline.  Your body is in its healthiest state when its ph is slightly alkaline.  Apple cider vinegar can assist the body in attaining this alkaline state.

To get the most out of your vinegar you should purchase the organic, unfiltered type.  It has suspended particles fl…

Seniors Get Toned Bodies From Line Dancing

What is Line Dancing

Line dancing is a choreographed set of steps by a group of people in one or more lines or rows, all facing each other or in the same direction and executing the steps at the same time. There is music with a beat that sets the timing for the steps.
There are no dance partners that are touching each other during the dance.
This form of dancing has been around for quite some time and there are several types of it being practiced by several different groups of people.
How to Get Started
If you are a beginner, you probably know friends who are participating in local classes that you may join.  You may also find beginners classes by doing a quick Google search on the subject.  
If you don't find the class that you like, don't give up.  There are great teaching DVDs with good music, that are available.  You have a choice of Hip Hop or Country and Western DVDs.
Joining local classes is a good way for older adults to stay active.
Why Should You Start Line Dancing

The Best Bone Loss Remedy

What is Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a disease that results in one losing bone mass or the bone weakens to the point where they are easily broken.  This thinning of bone comes from a depletion of calcium and protein in the bones.

Unless you have a bone density test, as you get older you won't recognize this loss of bone density.  For this reason it is called the silent disease.  It will manifest itself if you fall and a hip or arm bone is broken.

Have you ever noticed a once healthy, strong looking person begin to shrivel up as they get older.  The once athletic body is not there any more.  More than likely this is because of osteoporosis.

Causes of Osteoporosis

In most cases we see osteoporosis as the disease of the aged, although it can occur at any stage of life.  It is most common in older adults, especially older women.

The Arthritis Foundation estimates that over 25 million Americans are affected by this horrible condition.  There are at least 1.5 million bone fractures attribu…

Weight Training Gives Seniors A Youthful Appearance

Preferred Weight TrainingWeight training gives seniors a youthful appearance, is a general statement that is supported by mostly all recognized fitness trainers.

Personally, I don't think that one ever gets to old for weight training.  As long as you are working with weights that you can control, there is a very low risk of injury.  Preventing injury is the primary reasons that older adults shy away from weights.

As I have stated before I prefer a weight program that emphasizes lighter weights and more repetitions.  In fact whatever weight that is being used, repetitions should continue until failure (losing control of the weights).  This way of exercising continues to force blood into the targeted muscles.  Blood vessels and targeted muscle sizes are increased.

If recovery time between sets is at 60 seconds are less this becomes cardio as well as resistance training.  You should do 3 sets of 4 to 5 different exercises.  This will shorten your workout session to 45 minutes are le…

Insomnia is a Problem for Older Adults

Insomnia is becoming more of a problem for older adults.  I have noticed this as I talk to my older friends at many of the social functions that we attend.  I have also followed this up with supporting research as I have become more interested in this subject.

In asking my friends the question, what do you think is causing your sleeping problems?  The prevailing answer is mostly about family.  They are worried about their health and the health of their spouses.  The life style of their sons and daughters was also a major problem.

To a somewhat lesser degree, financial problems are causing depression and worrying.

Many people do not go to bed with the intent of going to sleep.  Acts such as watching television, reading and working crossword puzzles have become habits and prevents going directly to sleep.  They can't go to sleep without executing these habits.

The bottom line is, there are many reasons why older people suffer from insomnia and its effects.

Is insomnia a problem in y…

Older Adults Can Stay In The Game

What I mean by staying in the game as an older adult is being abreast with what's going on around you on a daily basis.

Its easy to say that's a young man's thing.  I'm to old for that.  In my mind that is a give up attitude that is not good for your health.

I have always believed that a person does what he/she wants to do.  Even if your spouse disapproves, if a strong desire is there, you will find a way to do it.  That is the kind of attitude that leads to success in life.

When you retire, one way to stay in the game is to remain in contact with friends from your employment.  They will keep you in tune with what's going on in that work environment.  They may also invite you for festive events that occur in and out of the office.

My favorite way of staying in the game is to stay in contact with my kids and grand kids.  In that way I understand the way they talk and I speak their language when talking to them.  I'm more in tune with how they think and more able…

Fitness is a Must for Seniors


Functional fitness should be the goal of every senior citizen.  Without it normal many everyday activities you would not be able to perform.  It is not hard to attain/maintain this level of fitness.  It does require periodic training.
What is Functional Fitness
Functional fitness is being able to perform everyday activities and chores that you normally did when you were younger.  Playing with the grand kids, taking out the trash, loading and unloading groceries from your vehicle.  These are all things that you are able to do if you are functionally fit.
If you are otherwise healthy you should be able to perform these with no problem  Of course if you are ill or have some debillitating condition, it may prevent your performance.
Think of yourself as a senior citizen or where you would be 20 years from now.  What would you want your physical condition to be like?
Lets face it the aging process is not kind and will sap our bodies of stamina and vitality.  If this is allowed to…

Why Balance is a Problem With Seniors

You may have wondered, as an older person, why can't I maintain my balance when walking. There are many people like you. They wonder but have not put forth the effort to get better.
You see people everyday taking mini steps are walking with a cane. They are looking for a wall or counter for support to prevent falling. Improvement could occur in many of these cases if the desire was there.
If you are wondering about this, you have the desire to improve your situation. It will take effort through therapy or exercise to get where you want to be.
You may need a recommendation from a medical person to be sure that you are not over-doing your therapy.
Disruption of balance be because of the following:
1. Loss of strength due to long periods of sitting.
2. Arthritis that causes leg pain.

Eating a Balanced Diet As An Older Adult

Eating a balanced diet according to expert nutritionists is tantamount to being healthy. The next question becomes what is a balanced diet? According to one popular definition it must include several nutrients. Those nutrients are proteins, carbohydrates, minerals, fats, vitamins, fibre and water. It is my belief that it is almost impossible to eat a balanced diet everyday. The only way this could happen is if nutrition experts are tailoring your meals. They must know the nutrient composition of each recommended food. The amount of each nutrient in each food according to its weight, must also be known. Like many of you, I have always believed that its not what you eat, but how much of it you eat. Following this philosophy worked for me when I was younger. As I have gotten older I am changing my belief on this. Why am I changing my belief, you may ask? I am finding as an older adult (78 years) my metabolic rate is not high as it use to be. As a result I am not burning the calories that I…